A woman who invests in a quality pair of running shoes and pledges to jog several times per week can reap the significant health rewards of this simple activity. These rewards include losing fat, gaining muscle and even minimizing your stress levels. Jogging is safe for many women, even when you're pregnant. Provided your doctor deems jogging a safe activity, it's time to get moving toward better health.

Health-Related Considerations

Harvard Health Publications reports that women can lower their risk of developing breast cancer by staying active through such physical activities as jogging. The American Pregnancy Association notes that women who jog while pregnant often gain less pregnancy-related weight and have shorter labors than those who are inactive. If your pregnancy has complications, however, consult your doctor before continuing to jog.

Potential Danger

Jogging can be a dangerous activity for women who run alone -- especially in areas with which they are not familiar. Women should run during the day when possible. If they must run at night, they should run with a partner and only in well-lit areas to lessen the risk of a violent attack.